Kevin Owens is right: Sami Zayn is the real villain

Sami Zayn is one of the biggest babyfaces in the WWE. But if Kevin Owens is to be believed, he is actually wrestling’s biggest villain. Allow me to explain.

Kevin Owens is the current and longest-reigning WWE Universal Champion. And if you listen to Michael Cole on an episode of RAW, Owens is also a vile human being and overall terrible, terrible man. He might as well be punting kittens into the crowd for a full segment.

But Owens insists that he isn’t a bad man at all, rather he’s a misunderstood one. What we see as vile is really nothing more than Owens doing what he feels is best for himself and his family.

If you were to ask Owens (and even his best friend Chris Jericho), the true villain on the RAW brand is actually his arch-nemesis and former friend Sami Zayn. The man with the ginger hair and a bounce in his step is the bad guy. His attempts to make Owens look like a wicked person are just a means of masking the evil living inside of Zayn.

We all believe Zayn because we all love Zayn and couldn’t possibly fathom heckling him. But like Jericho, we shouldn’t listen to Zayn’s lies and should instead crack our mobile devices across his skull. Zayn is a snake and deserves to be called out on it.

Like CM Punk before him, Owens is a brutally honest man, even when the truth hurts. There is no reason for us not to believe him because only a villain would be deceptive and manipulative. Let’s look at everything Owens has warned us about Zayn as proof and keep score.

sami zayn and kevin owens
Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are former best friends who seem destined to fight forever. But maybe Zayn isn’t as good of a friend as we think.

1. Zayn isn’t the nice guy he appears to be. Despite his polite and charming appearance, Zayn is an incredibly violent and savage man. He has been known to try and beat opponents beyond what is physically necessary. The Battleground exclusive event a few months ago is a prime example as Zayn nailed two Helluva Kicks on Owens when one would’ve sufficed (especially considering Owens had fallen to his knees).

If you’re going to be vicious, that is perfectly fine. Just don’t lie about it. Don’t smile in my face when you’re liable to punch a hole through my heart at any moment. At least Owens doesn’t lie about his penchant for violence, because Owens keeps it real. Respect honesty. Point for Owens. (Owens leads 1-0)

2. Zayn only cares about himself. When referring to his and Owens’ journey through the independent scene, Zayn said, “It was all about ending up here in WWE.” More lies from Stevie McFly because he certainly had little issue leaving Owens behind.

Hell, Zayn has even stated that the “fork in the road” between the two was when Owens began focusing on starting a family while Zayn wanted to broaden his horizons. Zayn says this as if Owens wanting a family is wrong, and uses it as justification for dashing to the WWE and simply putting in a good word as if that makes everything okay.

That’s selfish, and a good friend like Owens doesn’t deserve something like that. If the roles were reversed, I’m sure Owens would’ve insisted on walking into the NXT Performance Center together with Zayn, side-by-side, hand-in-hand, like brothers. Point for Owens. (Owens leads 2-0)

3. And how do I know Owens is a good friend? Back when Sami didn’t have a car, Owens would use his car so that the two of them could do a show. And I’m willing to bet Owens didn’t even charge Zayn for gas money. That’s a point for Owens, and shame on you for questioning his integrity. (Owens leads 3-0)

4. Zayn tried to put Owens out of work in ROH. Wait, no, I’m wrong about this one. That was actually El Generico. I’m almost positive Zayn put Generico up to it, but I have no proof of that.

But let’s applaud Owens for his perseverance, right? The guy was put out of work, probably collecting unemployment from the Department of Labor (I guess), but ultimately fought to get his job back and be in position to care for his family again. What a great man. If he were American, he’d be an American hero, like JJ Watt. That’s gotta be worth 100 points. (Owens leads 103-0)

5. But didn’t Owens attack Generico? Yes, but what does that have to do with anything? It’s not like he attacked Zayn. He attacked some generic luchador. What you’re glossing over is that Owens tried to show Generico the way to winning and doing what’s necessary for the ones you love. Generico wouldn’t listen, so Owens merely made his perspective clearer. Come to think of it, I think we should award Owens a point for trying to be a mentor to others. (Owens leads 104-0)

6. But Owens did attack Zayn at NXT TakeOver. Ugh, this again. Listen, Owens said it wasn’t personal. Owens merely made a business decision because he wasn’t going to wait at the back of the line. Being a champion meant more money for his family. The fact that Zayn became champion that night was purely coincidental. How about showing Owens some respect for putting his family first? (Owens leads 105-0)

7. But you have to at least understand Zayn’s thirst for vengeance? Oh, you mean his thirst for being a nuisance? That’s not vengeance. That is simply being a pest and thorn in someone’s side. And if you really think about it, this just shows how unreasonably obsessed Zayn is with Owens when Owens had no problem leaving Zayn alone.

Zayn went right after Owens during the Royal Rumble for the express purpose of being the one to eliminate him. At WrestleMania, Zayn went out of his way to ensure Owens couldn’t walk out with the Intercontinental Championship, instead letting it fall in the hands of some Zack Ryder guy. And now he is targeting Owens’ new best friend out of jealousy.

Owens just wants to live his life, and Zayn won’t allow it. That’s stalkerish. That’s like the beginning of every Lifetime movie or Netflix horror flick. You know how those movies end? The stalker kills his victim. Zayn almost got away with murder, MURDER, at Battleground. Don’t support killers. (Owens leads 106-0)

8. To his credit, I will give Zayn a point for his fun entrance theme. People do enjoy singing to it despite the absence of lyrics.

Final Score: Owens wins 106-1. But of course he did, because Owens has been a good man all along. He says so each week. Jericho backs him up on this claim. Heroes neither lie to the fans or to themselves. It’s the WWE Universe that simply doesn’t understand.

This article was originally published on Cageside Seats on October 3, 2016


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