Elimination Chamber (2019)

Elimination Chamber (2019): We build to Bryan vs. Kingston, and Jax and Tamina become champions

It’s time for the wrestlers to get dangerous. And probably get more banged up than they already are. Here is how I would book the 2019 Elimination Chamber.

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Ric Flair

WWE Rewind: Ric Flair Just Wants to Be a Champion Again (2005)

“It’s a shame that a generation of fans see you as Triple H’s lackey.”

Ric Flair is a 16-time World Champion. He is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, wrestlers of all-time. But since 2002, fans have mostly known him for being Triple H’s follower. The pair would say that Flair is the master while Hunter is the student, but that has been marred by the image of Flair helping Hunter to maintain his dominance on WWE Raw.

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The Demon Within: FanFiction from Meninity

Finn Balor: The Demon Within I

Finn Balor sits alone in the locker room. The final beads of sweat leave his forehead. He knows how close he was. He knows he was just a second away from finally recapturing the Universal Championship. But sometimes, fairness isn’t something this business, or world, offers.

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